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Effects of Substituents on the Molecular Structure and Redox Behavior of Uranyl(V/VI) Complexes with N3O2‑Donating Schiff Base Ligands

Takeyama, T.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, K.

Quenching Mechanism of Uranyl(VI) by Chloride and Bromide in Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Solutions

Haubitz, T.; Drobot, B.; Tsushima, S.; Steudtner, R.; Stumpf, T.; Kumke, M. U.

Two Be or Not Two Be: The Nuclear Autoantigen La/SS-B Is able to form Dimers and Oligomers in a Redox Dependent Manner

Berndt, N.; Bippes, C. C.; Michalk, I.; Bachmann, D.; Bachmann, J.; Puentes-Cala, E.; Bartsch, T.; Rodrigues Loureiro, L. R.; Kegler, A.; Bergmann, R.; Gross, J. K.; Gross, T.; Kurien, B. T.; Scofield, R. H.; Farris, A. D.; James, J. A.; Schmitz, M.; Fahmy, K.; Feldmann, A.; Arndt, C.; Bachmann, M.

DNA-Mediated Stack Formation of Nanodiscs

Subramanian, M.; Kielar, C.; Tsushima, S.; Fahmy, K.; Oertel, J.

How does iron storage protein ferritin interact with plutonium (and thorium) ?

Zurita, C.; Tsushima, S.; Bresson, C.; Garcia-Cortes, M.; Solari, P. L.; Jeanson, A.; Creff, G.; Den Auwer, C.

Impact of the microbial origin and active microenvironment on the shape of biogenic elemental selenium nanomaterials

Fischer, S.; Jain, R.; Krause, T.; Jain, P.; Tsushima, S.; Shevchenko, A.; Hübner, R.; Jordan, N.

Dimeric and Trimeric Uranyl(VI)–Citrate Complexes in Aqueous Solution

Kretzschmar, J.; Tsushima, S.; Lucks, C.; Jäckel, E.; Meyer, R.; Steudtner, R.; Müller, K.; Roßberg, A.; Schmeide, K.; Brendler, V.

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A metabolic switch regulates the transition between growth and diapause in C. elegans

Penkov, S.; Raghuraman, B. K.; Erkut, C.; Oertel, J.; Galli, R.; Ackerman, E. J. M.; Vorkel, D.; Verbavatz, J. M.; Koch, E.; Fahmy, K.; Shevchenko, A.; Kurzchalia, T. V.

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C. elegans possess a general program to enter cryptobiosis that allows dauer larvae to survive different kinds of abiotic stress

Gade, V. R.; Traikov, S.; Oertel, J.; Fahmy, K.; Kurzchalia, T. V.

Trimeric uranyl(VI)–citrate forms Na+, Ca2+, and La3+ sandwich complexes in aqueous solution

Kretzschmar, J.; Tsushima, S.; Drobot, B.; Steudtner, R.; Schmeide, K.; Stumpf, T.

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  • Chemical Communications 56(2020), 13133-13136
    Online First (2020) DOI: 10.1039/D0CC05460G

Essential Role of Heterocyclic Structure of N-Alkylated 2-Pyrrolidone Derivatives for Recycling Uranium from Spent Nuclear Fuels

Inoue, T.; Kazama, H.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, K.

Crystallization of colourless hexanitratoneptunate(IV) with anhydrous H+ countercations trapped into hydrogen bond polymer with diamide linkers

Takao, K.; März, J.; Matsuoka, M.; Mashita, T.; Kazama, H.; Tsushima, S.


Crystallization of Anhydrous Proton from Acidic Aqueous Solution with Diamide Building Block

Kazama, H.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, K.

Lanthanide–induced conformational change of methanol dehydrogenase involving coordination change of cofactor pyrroloquinoline quinone

Tsushima, S.

  • Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21(2019), 21979-21983
    Online First (2019) DOI: 10.1039/C9CP03953H
  • Poster
    17th International Conference on the Chemistry and Migration Behaviour of Actinides and Fission Products in the Geosphere (Migration 2019), 15.-20.09.2019, Kyoto, Japan

Calcium binding to a disordered domain of a type III-secreted protein from a coral pathogen promotes secondary structure formation and catalytic activity

Hoyer, E.; Knöppel, J.; Liebmann, M.; Steppert, M.; Raiwa, M.; Herczynski, O.; Hanspach, E.; Zehner, S.; Göttfert, M.; Tsushima, S.; Fahmy, K.; Oertel, J.

Photocatalytic Oxygenation of Cyclohexene Initiated by Excitation of [UO2(OPCyPh2)4]2+ under Visible Light

Mashita, T.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, K.

Body size-dependent energy storage causes Kleiber’s law scaling of the metabolic rate in planarians

Thommen, A.; Werner, S.; Frank, O.; Philipp, J.; Knittelfelder, O.; Quek, Y.; Fahmy, K.; Shevchenko, A.; Friedrich, B. M.; Jülicher, F.; Rink, J. C.

Recovery of gallium from wafer fabrication industry wastewaters by Desferrioxamine B and E using reversed-phase chromatography approach

Jain, R.; Fan, S.; Kaden, P.; Tsushima, S.; Foerstendorf, H.; Barthen, R.; Lehmann, F.; Pollmann, K.

Destabilization of DNA through interstrand crosslinking by UO22+

Rossberg, A.; Abe, T.; Okuwaki, K.; Barkleit, A.; Fukuzawa, K.; Nakano, T.; Mochizuki, Y.; Tsushima, S.

Crystal Structure of Regularly Th-Symmetric [U(NO3)6]2− Salts with Hydrogen Bond Polymers of Diamide Building Blocks

Takao, K.; Kazama, H.; Ikeda, Y.; Tsushima, S.

Cm3+/ Eu3+ Induced Structural, Mechanistic and Functional Implications for Calmodulin

Drobot, B.; Schmidt, M.; Mochizuki, Y.; Abe, T.; Okuwaki, K.; Brulfert, F.; Falke, S.; Samsonov, S.; Komeiji, Y.; Betzel, C.; Stumpf, T.; Raff, J.; Tsushima, S.

  • Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21(2019)38, 21213-21222
    Online First (2019) DOI: 10.1039/C9CP03750K

Interdisciplinary round-robin test on molecular spectroscopy of the U(VI) acetate system

Müller, K.; Foerstendorf, H.; Steudtner, R.; Tsushima, S.; Kumke, M. U.; Lefèvre, G.; Rothe, J.; Mason, H.; Szabó, Z.; Yang, P.; Adam, C.; André, R.; Brennenstuhl, K.; Cho, H.; Creff, G.; Coppin, F.; Dardenne, K.; Den Auwer, C.; Drobot, B.; Eidner, S.; Hess, N. J.; Kaden, P.; Kremleva, A.; Kretzschmar, J.; Krüger, S.; Platts, J. A.; Panak, P. J.; Polly, R.; Powell, B. A.; Rabung, T.; Redon, R.; Reiller, P. E.; Rösch, N.; Rossberg, A.; Scheinost, A. C.; Schimmelpfennig, B.; Schreckenbach, G.; Skerencak-Frech, A.; Sladkov, V.; Solari, P. L.; Wang, Z.; Washton, N. M.; Zhang, X.


Ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy of UO22+ and [UO2Cl]+

Haubitz, T.; Tsushima, S.; Steudtner, R.; Drobot, B.; Geipel, G.; Stumpf, T.; Kumke, M. U.

Controlling the lability of uranyl(VI) through intramolecular π-π Stacking

Mashita, T.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, K.

DNA-encircled lipid bilayers

Iric, K.; Subramanian, M.; Oertel, J.; Agarwal, N. P.; Matthies, M.; Periole, X.; Sakmar, T. P.; Huber, T.; Fahmy, K.; Schmidt, T.-L.

  • Poster
    Jahrestagung Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biophysik, 16.-19.09.2018, Düsseldorf, Deutschland
  • Nanoscale 10(2018), 18463-18467
    DOI: 10.1039/C8NR06505E

Layer-by-Layer assembly of heparin and peptide-polyethylene glycol conjugates to form hybrid nanothin films of biomatrices

Thomas, A. K.; Wieduwild, R.; Zimmermann, R.; Lin, W.; Friedrichs, J.; Bickle, M.; Fahmy, K.; Werner, C.; Zhang, Y.

The oxidation of borohydrides by photoexcited [UO2(CO3)3]4−

Takao, K.; Tsushima, S.

Uranium(VI) complexes with a calix[4]arene-based 8-hydroxyquinoline ligand: Thermodynamic and structural characterization based on calorimetry, spectroscopy, and liquid-liquid extraction

Bauer, A.; Jäschke, A.; Schöne, S.; Barthen, R.; März, J.; Schmeide, K.; Patzschke, M.; Kersting, B.; Fahmy, K.; Oertel, J.; Brendler, V.; Stumpf, T.


Molecular and Crystal Structures of Uranyl Nitrate Coordination Polymers with Double-headed 2-Pyrrolidone Derivatives

Kazama, H.; Tsushima, S.; Ikeda, Y.; Takao, K.

Calorimetrically determined U(VI) toxicity in Brassica napus correlates with oxidoreductase activity and U(VI) speciation

Sachs, S.; Geipel, G.; Bok, F.; Oertel, J.; Fahmy, K.

Dipolar Relaxation Dynamics at the Active Site of an ATPase Regulated by Membrane Lateral Pressure

Fischermeier, E.; Pospíšil, P.; Sayed, A.; Hof, M.; Solioz, M.; Fahmy, K.

Shape change of biogenic elemental selenium nanomaterials decreases their colloidal stability

Jain, R.; Jordan, N.; Tsushima, S.; Hübner, R.; Weiss, S.; Lens, P.

Analysis of self‑assembly of S‑layer protein slp‑B53 from Lysinibacillus sphaericus

Liu, J.; Falke, S.; Drobot, B.; Oberthuer, D.; Kikhney, A.; Guenther, T.; Fahmy, K.; Svergun, D.; Betzel, C.; Raff, J.


The molecular switching mechanism at the conserved D(E)RY motif in class-A GPCRs

Sandoval, A.; Eichler, S.; Madathil, S.; Reeves, P. J.; Fahmy, K.; Boeckmann, R. A.

Rational Structure-Based Rescaffolding Approach to de Novo Design of Interleukin 10 (IL-10) Receptor-1 Mimetics

Ruiz-Gómez, G.; Hawkins, J. C.; Philipp, J.; Künze, G.; Wodtke, R.; Löser, R.; Fahmy, K.; Pisabarro, M. T.

Mechanism of attenuation of uranyl toxicity by glutathione in Lactococcus lactis

Obeid, M. H.; Oertel, J.; Solioz, M.; Fahmy, K.

Anisotropic metal growth on phospholipid nanodiscs via lipid bilayer expansion

Oertel, J.; Keller, A.; Prinz, J.; Schreiber, B.; Hübner, R.; Kerbusch, J.; Bald, I.; Fahmy, K.

Speciation Studies of Metals in Trace Concentrations: The Mononuclear Uranyl(VI) Hydroxo Complexes

Drobot, B.; Bauer, A.; Steudtner, R.; Tsushima, S.; Bok, F.; Patzschke, M.; Raff, J.; Brendler, V.

Uranyl(VI) binding by bis(2-hydroxyaryl)diimine and bis(2-hydroxyaryl)diamine ligand derivatives. Synthetic, X-ray, DFT and solvent extraction studies

Jeazet, H. B. T.; Gloe, K.; Doert, T.; Mizera, J.; Kataeva, O. N.; Tsushima, S.; Bernhard, G.; Weigand, J. J.; Lindoy, L. F.; Gloe, K.


A single-strand annealing protein clamps DNA to detect and secure homology

Ander, M.; Subramaniam, S.; Fahmy, K.; Stewart, F.; Schäffer, E.

The interaction of Eu(III) with organoborates – a further approach to understand the complexation in the An/Ln(III)–borate system

Schott, J.; Kretzschmar, J.; Tsushima, S.; Drobot, B.; Acker, M.; Barkleit, A.; Taut, S.; Brendler, V.; Stumpf, T.

Spectroscopic evidence for selenium(IV) dimerization in aqueous solution

Kretzschmar, J.; Jordan, N.; Brendler, E.; Tsushima, S.; Franzen, C.; Foerstendorf, H.; Stockmann, M.; Heim, K.; Brendler, V.

Combining Luminescence Spectroscopy, Parallel Factor Analysis and Quantum Chemistry to Reveal Metal Speciation - a Case Study of Uranyl (VI) Hydrolysis

Drobot, B.; Steudtner, R.; Raff, J.; Geipel, G.; Brendler, V.; Tsushima, S.


The Role of Phospholipid Headgroup Composition and Trehalose in the Desiccation Tolerance of Caenorhabditis elegans

Abusharkh, S. E.; Erkut, C.; Oertel, J.; Kurzchalia, T. V.; Fahmy, K.

Filament formation by metabolic enzymes is a specific adaptation to an advanced state of cellular starvation

Petrovska, I.; Nüske, E.; Munder, M. C.; Kulasegaran, G.; Malinovska, L.; Kroschwald, S.; Richter, D.; Fahmy, K.; Gibson, K.; Verbavatz, J.-M.; Alberti, S.

Paramagnetic Decoration of DNA origami Nanostructures by Eu3+ Coordination

Opherden, L.; Oertel, J.; Barkleit, A.; Fahmy, K.; Keller, K.

Experimental and Theoretical Approaches to Redox Innocence of Ligands in Uranyl Complexes: What is Formal Oxidation State of Uranium in Reductant of Uranyl(VI)?

Takao, K.; Tsushima, S.; Ogura, T.; Tsubomura, T.; Ikeda, Y.

  • Inorganic Chemistry 53(2014)11, 5772-5780
    Online First (2014) DOI: 10.1021/ic5006314

Americium(III) and Europium(III) Complex Formation with Lactate at Elevated Temperatures Studied by Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemical Calculations

Barkleit, A.; Kretzschmar, J.; Tsushima, S.; Acker, M.

Uranium(VI) Chemistry in Strong Alkaline Solution: Speciation and Oxygen Exchange Mechanism

Moll, H.; Rossberg, A.; Steudtner, R.; Drobot, B.; Müller, K.; Tsushima, S.

  • Inorganic Chemistry 53(2014)3, 1585-1593
    Online First (2014) DOI: 10.1021/ic402664n


Structural characterization of the aqueous dimeric uranium(VI) species: (UO2)2CO3(OH)3−

Gückel, K.; Tsushima, S.; Foerstendorf, H.

Formic acid interaction with uranyl(VI) ion: structural and photochemical characterization

Lucks, C.; Roßberg, A.; Tsushima, S.; Foerstendorf, H.; Fahmy, K.; Bernhard, G.


Aqueous Uranium(VI) Complexes with Acetic and Succinic Acid: Speciation and Structure Revisited

Lucks, C.; Rossberg, A.; Tsushima, S.; Foerstendorf, H.; Scheinost, A. C.; Bernhard, G.

Curium(III) citrate speciation in biological systems: An europium(III) assisted spectroscopic and quantum chemical study

Heller, A.; Barkleit, A.; Foerstendorf, H.; Tsushima, S.; Bernhard, G.

  • Dalton Transactions 41(2012)45, 13969-13983

3D Profile-Based Approach to Proteome-Wide Discovery of Novel Human Chemokines

Tomczak, A.; Sontheimer, J.; Drechsel, D.; Hausdorf, R.; Gentzel, M.; Shevchenko, A.; Eichler, S.; Fahmy, K.; Buchholz, F.; Pisabarro, M. T.

How worms survive desiccation: Trehalose pro water

Erkut, C.; Penkov, S.; Fahmy, K.; Kurzchalia, T. V.

Dinuclear complexes of tetravalent cerium in an aqueous perchloric acid solution

Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Tsushima, S.; Hennig, C.; Yaita, T.; Bernhard, G.

EXAFS and DFT Investigations of Uranyl-Arsenate Complexes in Aqueous Solution

Gezahegne, W. A.; Hennig, C.; Tsushima, S.; Planer-Friedrich, B.; Scheinost, A. C.; Merkel, B. J.

  • Environmental Science & Technology 46(2012)4, 2228-2233
    Online First (2012) DOI: 10.1021/es203284s

“yl”-Oxygen Exchange in Uranyl(VI) Ion: A Mechanism Involving (UO2)2(μ-OH)22+ via U-Oyl-U Bridge Formation

Tsushima, S.


Trehalose renders dauer larva of Caenorhabditis elegans resistant to extreme desiccation

Erkut, C.; Penkov, S.; Khesbak, H.; Vorkel, D.; Verbavatz, J. M.; Fahmy, K.; Kurzchalia, T. V.

  • Current Biology 21(2011)15, 1331-1336

The role of water H-bond imbalances in B-DNA substate transitions and peptide recognition revealed by time-resolved FTIR spectroscopy

Khesbak, H.; Savchuk, O.; Tsushima, S.; Fahmy, K.

  • Journal of the American Chemical Society 133(2011), 5834-5842

On the "yl" bond weakening in uranyl(VI) coordination complexes

Tsushima, S.

Eu3+-Mediated Polymerization of Benzenetetracarboxylic Acid Studied by Spectroscopy, Temperature-Dependent Calorimetry, and Density Functional Theory

Barkleit, A.; Tsushima, S.; Savchuk, O.; Philipp, J.; Heim, K.; Acker, M.; Taut, S.; Fahmy, K.


S-Layer protein from Lysinibacillus sphaericus JG-A12 as matrix for Au-III sorption and Au-nanoparticle formation

Jankowski, U.; Merroun, M.; Selenska-Pobell, S.; Fahmy, K.

Aqueous coordination chemistry and photochemistry of uranyl(VI) oxalate revisited: a density functional theory study

Tsushima, S.; Brendler, V.; Fahmy, K.

Photoluminescence of uranium(VI): quenching mechanism and role of uranium(V)

Tsushima, S.; Götz, C.; Fahmy, K.

Heterologous expression of the S-layer-like protein SllB induces the formation of long filaments of E. coli consisting of protein stabilized outer membrane

Lederer, F.; Günther, T.; Flemming, K.; Raff, J.; Fahmy, K.; Springer, A.; Pollmann, K.


Neptunium Carbonato Complexes in Aqueous Solution: An Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and Quantum Chemical Study

Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, K.; Rossberg, A.; Funke, H.; Scheinost, A.; Bernhard, G.; Yaita, T.; Hennig, C.

The role of Ge-related oxygen-deficiency centers in controlling the blueviolet photo- and electroluminescence in Ge-rich SiO2 via Er doping

Kanjilal, A.; Tsushima, S.; Götz, C.; Rebohle, L.; Voelskow, M.; Skorupa, W.; Helm, M.

Lipid Protein Interactions Couple Protonation to Conformation in a Conserved Cytosolic Domain of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors

Madathil, S.; Fahmy, K.

  • Journal of Biological Chemistry 284(2009)42, 28801-28809

Speciation and Structural Study of U(IV) and -(VI) in Perchloric and Nitric Acid Solutions

Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Hennig, C.; Tsushima, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Bernhard, G.; Yaita, T.

The sulfate coordination of Np(IV), Np(V) and Np(VI) in aqueous solution

Hennig, C.; Ikeda-Ohno, A.; Tsushima, S.; Scheinost, A.

Spectroscopic comparison of aqueous Np(VI) and U(VI) species

Müller, K.; Foerstendorf, H.; Tsushima, S.; Brendler, V.; Bernhard, G.

  • Vortrag (Konferenzbeitrag)
    Goldschmidt 2009 - "Challenges to Our Volatile Planet", 21.-26.06.2009, Davos, Schweiz
  • Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73(2009)13S, A914

X-ray absorption fine structures of uranyl(V) complexes in non-aqueous solutions

Takao, K.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Bernhard, G.; Ikeda, Y.; Hennig, C.

  • Vortrag (Konferenzbeitrag)
    Actinides 2009, 12.-17.07.2009, San Francisco, USA
  • Inorganic Chemistry 48(2009)20, 9602-9604

Photochemical reduction of UO22+ in the presence of alcohol studied by DFT calculations

Tsushima, S.

  • Inorganic Chemistry 48(2009)11, 4856-4862
  • Vortrag (Konferenzbeitrag)
    ROBL-Radiochemie Workshop, 18.12.2008, Dresden, Germany

Direct spectroscopic characterization of aqueous actinyl(VI) species: A Comparative Study of Np and U

Müller, K.; Foerstendorf, H.; Tsushima, S.; Brendler, V.; Bernhard, G.

Identification of uranyl surface complexes on ferrihydrite: Advanced EXAFS data analysis and CD-MUSIC modeling

Rossberg, A.; Ulrich, K.-U.; Weiss, S.; Tsushima, S.; Hiemstra, T.; Scheinost, A. C.

  • Environmental Science & Technology 43(2009)5, 1400-1406
  • Vortrag (Konferenzbeitrag)
    12th International Conference on the Chemistry and Migration Behaviour of Actinides and Fission Products in the Geosphere, 20.-25.09.2009, Kennewick,, USA


The relationship of monodentate and bidentate coordinated uranium(VI) sulfate in aqueous solution

Hennig, C.; Ikeda, A.; Schmeide, K.; Brendler, V.; Moll, H.; Tsushima, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Skanthakumar, S.; Wilson, R.; Soderholm, L.; Servaes, K.; Görrler-Walrand, C.; van Deun, R.

Secondary Structure and Compliance of a Predicted Flexible Domain in Kinesin-1 Necessary for Co-operation of Motors

Crevenna, A. H.; Madathil, S.; Cohen, D. N.; Wagenbach, M.; Fahmy, K.; Howard, J.

Quantum Chemical Calculations of the Redox Potential of the Pu(VII)/Pu(VIII) Couple

Tsushima, S.

Hydrolysis and dimerization of Th4+ ion

Tsushima, S.

Structural Determination of Individual Chemical Species in a Mixed System by Iterative Transformation Factor Analysis (ITFA)-based X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Combined with UV-Visible Absorption and Quantum Chemical Calculation

Ikeda, A.; Hennig, C.; Rossberg, A.; Tsushima, S.; Scheinost, A. C.; Bernhard, G.


Stoichiometry and structure of uranyl (VI) hydroxo dimer and trimer complexes in aqueous solution

Tsushima, S.; Rossberg, A.; Ikeda, A.; Müller, K.; Scheinost, A. C.

Hydration and water exchange mechanism of the UO22+ ion revisited: The validity of the "n+1" model

Tsushima, S.

Flavonoids affect actin functions in cytoplasm and nucleus

Boehl, M.; Tietze, S.; Sokoll, A.; Madathil, S.; Pfennig, F.; Apostolakis, J.; Fahmy, K.; Gutzeit, H. O.

A Comparative Study of U(VI) and U(V) Carbonato Complexes in Aqueous Solution

Ikeda, A.; Hennig, C.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, K.; Ikeda, Y.; Scheinost, A.; Bernhard, G.

Linkage between the intramembrane H-bond network around aspartic acid 83 and the cytosolic environment of helix 8 in photoactivated rhodopsin

Lehmann, N.; Alexiev, U.; Fahmy, K.

EXAFS investigation of U(VI), U(IV) and Th(IV) sulfato complexes in aqueous solution

Hennig, C.; Schmeide, K.; Brendler, V.; Moll, H.; Tsushima, S.; Scheinost, A.

  • Inorganic Chemistry 46(2007)15, 5882-5892
  • Poster
    Actinide XAS 2006, 18.-20.09.2006, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Beitrag zu Proceedings
    Actinide XAS 2006, 18.-20.09.2006, Karlsruhe, Germany
    Speciation Techniques and Facilities for Radioactive Materials at Synchrotron Light Sources: OECD, 978-92-64-99006-7, 219-224

Synthesis and biological evaluation of a new type of 99mTechnetium-labeled fatty acid for myocardial metabolism imaging

Walther, M.; Jung, C.; Bergmann, R.; Pietzsch, J.; Rode, K.; Fahmy, K.; Mirtschink, P.; Stehr, S.; Heintz, A.; Wunderlich, G.; Kraus, W.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Kropp, J.; Deussen, A.; Spies, H.

  • Bioconjugate Chemistry 18(2007), 216-230


Secondary structure and Pd(II) coordination in S-layer proteins from Bacillus sphaericus studied by infrared and X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Fahmy, K.; Merroun, M.; Pollmann, K.; Raff, J.; Savchuk, O.; Hennig, C.; Selenska-Pobell, S.

Structure and pH-Sensitivity of the Transmembrane Segment 3 of Rhodopsin

Madathil, S.; Furlinski, G.; Fahmy, K.

Metal binding by bacteria from uranium mining waste piles and its technological applications

Pollmann, K.; Raff, J.; Merroun, M.; Fahmy, K.; Selenska-Pobell, S.


Conserved high-affinity ligand binding and membrane association in the native and refolded extracellular domain of the human glycine receptor alpha 1 subunit

Breitinger, U.; Breitinger, H.-G.; Bauer, F.; Fahmy, K.; Glockenhammer, D.; Becker, C.-M.

  • Journal of Biological Chemistry 279(2004)4, 1627-1636


Properties and planned use of the intense THz radiation from ELBE at Dresden-Rossendorf

Fahmy, K.; Furlinski, G.; Gippner, P.; Grosse, E.; Seidel, W.; Sczepan, M.; Wohlfahrt, D.; Wolf, A.; Wünsch, R.

  • Journal of Biological Physics 29:303 -307, 2003
  • Poster
    THz-Bridge Workshop, 29.09.-01.10.2002, Capri, Italy


A theoretical study on the structures of UO2(CO3)(3)(4-), Ca2UO2(CO3)(3)(0), and Ba2UO2(CO3)(3)(0)

Tsushima, S.; Uchida, Y.; Reich, T.

  • Chemical Physics Letters 357(2002)1-2, 73-77

FTIR- and Fluorescence-Spectroscopic Analyses of Receptor G-Protein Coupling in Photoreception Curr. Org. Chem. 2002, 6, 1259-1284.

Fahmy, K.

  • Curr. Org. Chem. 2002, 6, 1259-1284.


A theoretical study of uranyl hydroxide monomeric and dimeric complexes

Tsushima, S.; Reich, T.

  • Chemical Physics Letters 347 (1-3), 127-132 (2001)


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