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Project abstract

The project aims at enhancing the database and improving calcutional modelling of fluid mixing and flow distribution phenomemena in the PWR primary circuit. These phenomena are important for resolution of boron dilution and steam line break accident issues and for assessing the thermal loading of the primary components. Mixing is the most important mitigative mechanism against reactivity insertion due to boron dilution or primary circuit overcooling as well as pressurised thermal shock due to cold emergency cooling water injection.

The project includes a well-defined set of mixing experiments in various flow mixing facilities and validating the computational fluid dynamics models for these applications on selected benchmark test based on the experiments. Considering the specifics of VVER type reactors, additional experimental data on slug mixing from a 1:5 scaled VVER-1000 test facility and measurement data from NPPs with VVER-440 and 1000 will be provided.
The innovative outcome of the project is an unified approach to the CFD treatment of turbulent mixing phenomena based on an extended experimental data base gained by employing improved measurement techniques which are capable of providing detailed information about the basic physical phenomena.

This project is funded within the 5th Framework by the European Commission.