Welcome to the VALCO project

Project abstract

The project is aimed at the improvement of the validation of coupled neutronics/thermal hydraulic codes. Modern safety standards require a modelling of complex accident processes with significant interaction between thermal hydraulic system behaviour and space-dependent reactor kinetics. To perform the analysis of such events, thermal hydraulic system codes have to be coupled to three-dimensional core models. These coupled codes need to be validated against well specified transient scenarios.

The work includes an extended validation of coupled codes against measurement data from VVER-type NPPs, the development and application of an uncertainty analysis methodology for coupled codes and the validation of neutron kinetics models and nuclear cross section data libraries against kinetics experiments. The work is based on results obtained within the EU Phare project "Improvement of the verification of coupled thermal hydraulics/neutron kinetics codes".

This project is funded within the 5th Framework by the European Commission.