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Bauer R., Brust P., Walter B., Vorwieger G., Bergmann R., Füchtner F., Steinbach J., El-Hallag E., Fritz A., Johannsen B., Zwiener U.
Relation between brain tissue pO2 and dopamine synthesis of basal ganglia - A 18FDOPA-PET study in newborn piglets
J. Perinat. Med. 2000, 28, 54-60

Bergmann R., Brust P., Scheunemann M.; Pietzsch H.-J., Seifert S., Roux F., Johannsen B.
Assessment of the in vitro and in vivo properties of a 99mTc-labeled inhibitor of the multidrug resistant gene product P-glycoprotein
Nucl. Med. Biol. 2000, 27, 135-141

Beuthien-Baumann B., Hamacher K., Oberdorfer F., Steinbach J.
Preparation of fluorine-18 labelled sugars and derivatives and their application as tracer for positron-emission-tomography.
Carbohydrate Research 2000, 327, 107-118

Brust P., Friedrich A., Krizbai I. A., Bergmann R., Roux F., Ganapathy V., Johannsen B.
Functional expression of the serotonin transporter in immortalized rat brain microvessel endothelial cells
J. Neurochem. 2000, 74, 1241-1248

Friebe M., Mahmood A., Spies H., Berger R., Johannsen B., Mohammed A., Eisenhut M., Bolzati C., Davison A., Jones A. G.
'3+1' Mixed-ligand oxotechnetium(V) complexes with affinity for melanoma: Synthesis and Evaluation in vitro and in vivo
J. Med. Chem. 2000, 43, 2745-2752

Friebe M., Spies H., Seichter W., Leibnitz P., Johannsen B.
Neutral '3+1' mixed-ligand oxorhenium(V) complexes with tridentate [S,N,S] chelates and aminoalkanethiols: synthesis, characterization and structure determination
J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans. 2000, 2471-2575

Friebe M., Suda K., Spies H., Syhre R., Berger R., Johannsen B., Chiotellis E., Kramer S. D., Wunderli-Allenspach H.
Permeation studies in vitro and in vivo of potential radiopharmaceuticals with affinity to neuro receptors
Pharmaceutical Research 2000, 17 (6), 754-760

Linemann H., Will E., Beuthien-Baumann B.
Untersuchung zur Strahlenbelastung des medizinischen Personals bei [18F]FDG-PET-Studien
Nuklearmedizin 2000, 39, 3/2000, 77-81

Mäding P., Steinbach J.
Synthesis of [1-11C]phenol
J. Labelled Cpd. 2000, 43, 557-563

Mäding P., Steinbach J., Johannsen B.
No-carrier-added 11C-labelling of benzenoid compounds in ring positions by condensation of nitro-[11C]methane with pyrylium salts
J. Labelled Cpd. 2000, 43, 565-583

Nock B., Maina T., Tsortos A., Pelecanou M., Raptopoulou C.P., Papadopoulos M., Pietzsch H.-J., Stassinopoulou C., Terzis A., Spies H., Nounesis G., Chiotellis E.
Glutathione interaction with SNS/S mixed ligand complexes of oxorhenium(V): Kinetic aspects and characterization of the products
Inorg. Chem. 2000, 39, 4433-4441

Nock B., Pietzsch H.-J., Tisato F., Maina T., Leibnitz P., Spies H., Chiotellis E.
Oxorhenium mixed-ligand complexes with the 2,6-dimercaptomethylpyridine ligand. Crystal structure of [2,6-dimercaptomethylpyridinato][p-methoxybenzenethiolato]oxorhenium(V)
Inorg. Chim. Acta 2000, 304, 26-32

Pietzsch H.-J., Gupta A., Reisgys M., Drews A., Seifert S., Syhre R., Spies H., Alberto R., Abram U., Schubiger P. A., Johannsen B.
Chemical and biological characterization of technetium(I) and rhenium(I) tricarbonyl complexes with dithioether ligands serving as linkers for coupling the Tc(CO)3 and Re(CO)3 moieties to biologically active molecules
Bioconjugate Chem. 2000, 11, 414-424

Römer J., Füchtner F., Steinbach J.
Synthesis of 16alpha-[18F]fluoroestradiol-3,17beta-disulphamate
J. Labelled Cpd. Radiopharm. 2000, 43, 425-436

Seifert S., Drews A., Gupta A., Pietzsch H.-J., Spies H., Johannsen B.
Stability studies on 99mtechnetium(III) complexes with tridentate/monodentate thiol ligands and phosphine ("3+1+1" Complexes)
Appl. Radiat. Isot. 2000, 53, 431-438

Seifert S., Künstler J.-U., Gupta A., Funke H., Reich T., Hennig C., Rossberg A., Pietzsch H.-J., Alberto R., Johannsen B.
EXAFS analyses of technetium(I) carbonyl complexes - Stability studies in solutions
Radiochim. Acta 2000, 88, 239-245

Skaddan M.B., Wüst F.R., Jonson S., Syhre R., Welch M.J.; Spies H., Katzenellenbogen J.A.
Radiochemical synthesis and tissue distribution of Tc-99-labeled 7alpha-substituted estradiol complexes
Nucl Med Biol. 2000, 27, 269-278

Stephan H., Spies H., Johannsen B., Kaufmann C., Vögtle F.
pH-controlled inclusion and release of oxyanions by denrimers bearing methyl orange moieties
Org. Lett. 2000, 2 (15), 2343-2346