My MBS (multi branch system) data acquisition (DAQ)

  • login as user rpcdaq with password n*******

    (same password on RIO as for ELOG electronic logbook, but different on other machines)

  • on Urania: if you want to start XEMACS or LEA export display before:

    urania:~> setenv DISPLAY igel11:0 (or any other terminal you are using)

  • on RIO4: go to MBS directory:

    cd ~/mbsrun/elbe

  • how to run MBS: see also ~/mbsrun/elbe/README
  • for LEA online/offline data analysis on URANIA see: ~/lea/test/README

  • MBS on RIO4
    • eventually reset node rio4:

      RIO4 rpcdaq > resl

    • run MBS:

      RIO4 rpcdaq > mbs

    • startup procedure (start tasks, load setup file, set trigger module):

      mbs> @start (start.scom is just a link to startup.scom)

    • start data acquisition:

      mbs> sta acq

    • show status of acquisition:

      mbs> sho acq

    • print events (decimal):

      mbs> ty ev -v -d

    • print events (default: hex output):

      mbs> ty ev -v

    • write list-mode data to file on disk data2 (link to /mnt/rpc where /mnt is nfs mounted to urania:/data2):

      mbs> open file data2/filename.lmd -disk

      see also: help -mbs open file

    • stop writing to file:

      mbs> close file

      Please, try to follow the sequence of

      • mbs> open file
      • mbs> start acq
      • mbs> stop acq
      • mbs> close file

      all the time. This sequence avoids problems with improper file ends.

    • stop acquisition:

      mbs> stop acq

    • stop acquision and tasks:

      mbs> @stop

      (stop.scom is just a link to shutdown.scom)

    • end MBS:

      mbs> exit

    • help on MBS:

      mbs> help -mbs


      RIO4 rpcdaq > help -mbs

    • modify daq program:
      • save previous version of routine f_user.c and edit it (for more convenience use editor XEMACS on URANIA)
      • if necessary save previous version of setup file setup.usf and edit it
      • if necessary save previous version and edit Makefile
      • compile/link:

        RIO4 rpcdaq > make

    last updated: Jan 27 2005 © R.Kotte