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The program Crystal-TRIM simulates ion implantation into single-crystalline silicon, germanium and diamond with up to 10 amorphous overlayers of arbitrary composition (with up to 3 components). Not only atomic ions but also molecular ions (with up to 3 components) may be considered. Dynamic simulation of damage accumulation in the single-crystalline substrate (including the formation of amorphous layers) is possible.

The code can be used to calculate as-implanted range and damage distributions as function of depth. An efficient splitting algorithm is employed in order to enhance the statistical accuracy of the simulation results without considerable increase of computing time. It is particularly useful if so-called channeling tails are of interest.

Other versions of Crystal-TRIM (including those for calculating two- and three-dimensional range and damage profiles) were part of the process simulators TESIM, DIOS and FLOOPS which were distributed by ISE Integrated Systems Engineering AG, Zürich. Now some of these simulators are part of the TCAD software of Synopsys®.

The Crystal-TRIM code is available for Linux and MSWindows systems

How to get the Crystal-TRIM code?

Please kindly fill out the End-Use-Certificate (EUC, EVE_Help_eng) using the Instructions and send it to vertragsverwaltung@hzdr.de for review in advance.

After a successful export control check, we will send you the contract template of the License Agreement.

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If you have any technical questions relating to the software, please contact Dr. M. Posselt (m.posselt@hzdr.de).

If you have any questions regarding the License Agreement, please contact vertragsverwaltung@hzdr.de.

How to use Crystal-TRIM?

The Crystal-TRIM Manual contains some general remarks and a short user guide.