Abstract: Surf. Sci. 477 (2001) 113-125

H. Koschel, U. Birkenheuer, G. Held, and H.-P. Steinrück
Correlation Between Chemical Properties and Electronic Structure of Pseudomorphic Cu Monolayers on Ni(111) and Ru(0001)
Surf. Sci. 477 (2001) 113-125.
[Apr 20, 2001]


The adsorption of CO and benzene on pseudomorphic Cu monolayers on Ni(111) and Ru(0001) shows pronounced differences: For Cu/Ni(111) a behavior very similar to that of Cu(111) is observed, for Cu/Ru(0001) the adsorbate substrate bond is significantly strengthened for both molecules, as is deduced from a shift of the desorption temperature to higher values. Based on angle resolved UV photoelectron spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation at BESSY and density functional calculations we have determined the two-dimensional band structure of the pseudomorphic Cu monolayers on Ni(111) and Ru(0001). Our results show that for Cu/Ni(111) only weak coupling of the Cu 3d states to the Ni substrate states occurs. On the other hand, strong coupling is observed for Cu/Ru(0001). This difference is made responsible for the strongly modified chemical properties of Cu/Ru(0001) as compared to Cu/Ni(111).