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Hernandez Acosta, U.; Titov, A.; Kämpfer, B.

Rise and fall of laser-intensity effects in spectrally resolved Compton process

New Journal of Physics 23(2021), 095008

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Gümüş, Ç.; Hierholzer, M.; Kuntzsch, M.; Pfeiffer, S.; Schmidt, C.; Steinbrück, R. u. a.

MicroTCA.4 based low level RF for continuous wave mode operation at the ELBE accelerator

IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 68(2021)9, 2326-2333

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Morgenbesser, M.; Taibl, S.; Kubicek, M.; Schmid, A.; Viernstein, A.; Bodenmüller, N. u. a.

Cation non-stoichiometry in Fe:SrTiO3 thin films and its effect on the electrical conductivity

Nanoscale Advances (2021)

Di Nora, V. A.; Fridman, E.; Nikitin, E.; Bilodid, Y.; Mikityuk, K.

Optimization of multi-group energy structures for diffusion analyses of sodium-cooled fast reactors assisted by simulated annealing – Part II: methodology application

Annals of Nuclear Energy 163(2021), 108541

Jelinek, L.; Mištová, E.; Kubeil, M.; Stephan, H.

Polyoxometalates in Extraction and Sorption Processes

Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 39(2021), 455-476

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Davies, S.; Litskevich, D.; Rohde, U.; Detkina, A.; Merk, B.; Bryce, P. u. a.

DYN3D and CTF Coupling within a Multiscale and Multiphysics Software Development (Part I)

Energies 14(2021), 5060

Zhao, X.; Liao, Yixiang; Wang, M.; Zhang, K.; Su, G. H.; Tian, W. u. a.

Numerical simulation of micro-crack leakage on steam generator heat transfer tube

Nuclear Engineering and Design 382(2021), 111385

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Duan, J.; Chava, P.; Ghorbani Asl, M.; Krasheninnikov, A.; Erb, D.; Hu, L. u. a.

Enhanced trion emission in monolayer MoSe2 by constructing a type-I van der Waals heterostructure

Advanced Functional Materials (2021)

Murakawa, H.; Tomoyuki, S.; Eckert, S.

Development of a high-speed ultrasonic tomography system for measurements of rising bubbles in a horizontal cross-section

Measurement 182(2021), 109654

Zhou, Y.; He, H.; Wang, J.; Liu, J.; Lippold, H.; Bao, Z. u. a.

Stable isotope fractionation of thallium as novel evidence for its geochemical transfer during lead‑zinc smelting activities

Science of the Total Environment 803(2022), 150036

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