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Aktuelle Publikationen in referierten Zeitschriften

Friedemann, M.; Nacke, B.; Hagelgans, A.; Jandeck, C.; Bechmann, N.; Ullrich, M. u. a.

Diverse Effects of Phospholipase A2 Receptor Expression on LNCaP and PC-3 Prostate Cancer Cell Growth in vitro and in vivo

Oncotarget 9(2018), 35983-35996

Du, N.; Manjunath, N.; Li, Y.; Menzel, S.; Linn, E.; Waser, R. u. a.

Field-Driven Hopping Transport of Oxygen Vacancies in Memristive Oxide Switches with Interface-Mediated Resistive Switching

Physical Review Applied 10(2018)5, 054025

Renger, S.; Alt, S.; Gocht, U.; Kästner, W.; Seeliger, A.; Kryk, H. u. a.

Multiscaled experimental investigations of corrosion and precipitation processes after loss-of-coolant accidents in pressurized water reactors

Nuclear Technology 205(2019)1-2, 248-261

Oertel, R.; Hanisch, T.; Krepper, E.; Lucas, D.; Rüdiger, F.; Fröhlich, J.

Two-scale CFD analysis of a spent fuel pool involving partially uncovered fuel storage racks

Nuclear Engineering and Design 341(2019), 432-450

Phuyal, D.; Das, S.; Mukherjee, S.; Jana, S.; Kvashnina, K. O.; Sarma, D. D. u. a.

The origin of low bandgap and ferroelectricity of a co-doped ferroelectric

EPL - Europhysics Letters 124(2018), 27005

Petkov, P. S.; Bon, V.; Hobday, C. L.; Kuc, A.; Melix, P.; Kaskel, S. u. a.

Conformational isomerism controls collective flexibility in metal-organic framework DUT-8(Ni)

Chemical Science (2018)

Bergkemper, M.; Kronenberg, E.; Thum, S.; Börgel, F.; Daniliuc, C.; Schepmann, D. u. a.

Synthesis, Receptor Affinity, and Antiallodynic Activity of Spirocyclic σ Receptor Ligands with Exocyclic Amino Moiety

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 61(2018), 9666-9690

Feig, M.; Nicklas, M.; Bobnar, M.; Schelle, W.; Schwarz, U.; Leithe-Jasper, A. u. a.

Superconductivity and magnetism in noncentrosymmetric LaPtGe3 and CePtGe3

Physical Review B 98(2018)18, 184516

Laabs, M.; Neumann, N.; Green, B.; Awari, N.; Deinert, J.; Kovalev, S. u. a.

On-Chip THz spectrometer for bunch compression fingerprinting at fourth-generation light sources

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 25(2018), 1509-1513

Steinberg, J.; Köckerling, M.; Wodtke, R.; Löser, R.; Mamat, C.

NMR-based investigations of acyl-functionalized piperazines concerning their conformational behavior in solution

RSC Advances 8(2018), 40921-40933

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