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October 5 – 9, 2020
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CASUS Annual Workshop

October 07 - 09, 2020
Berghotel Friedrichshöhe | Oberbärenburg/Altenberg near Dresden
NanoNet Annual Workshop 2020

16. Oktober
Helmholtz-Institut Freiberg für Ressourcentechnologie
Alumni Talk mit Dr. Klossek (EIT RawMaterial­s) & Dr. Sandmann (Erzlabor Advanced Solution GmbH)

Die Technologie-Plattform des Verbunds DRESDEN-concept.

Aktuelle Publikationen in referierten Zeitschriften

Danilovich, I. L.; Deeva, E. B.; Bukhteev, K. Y.; Vorobyova, A. A.; Morozov, I. V.; Volkova, O. S. u. a.

Co(NO3)2 as an inverted umbrella-type chiral noncoplanar ferrimagnet

Physical Review B 102(2020), 094429

Sojkova, M.; Dobročka, E.; Hutár, P.; Tašková, V.; Pribusová-Slušná, L.; Stoklas, R. u. a.

High carrier mobility epitaxially aligned PtSe2 films grown by one-zone selenization

Applied Surface Science 538(2021), 147936

Traxler, L.; Wollenberg, A.; Steinhauser, G.; Großmann, S.; Günther, A.; Schulz, W. u. a.

Survival of the basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune in soil under hostile environmental conditions in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Journal of Hazardous Materials (2020)

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Amidani, L.; Vaughan, G. B. M.; Plakhova, T. V.; Romanchuk, A. Y.; Gerber, E.; Svetogorov, R. u. a.

The application of HEXS and HERFD XANES for accurate structural characterization of actinide nanomaterials: application to ThO₂.

Chemistry - A European Journal (2020)

Monico, L.; Cotte, M.; Vanmeert, F.; Amidani, L.; Janssens, K.; Nuyts, G. u. a.

Damages induced by synchrotron radiation-based X-ray microanalysis in chrome yellow paints and related Cr-compounds: assessment, quantification and mitigation strategies

Analytical Chemistry (2020)

Fallarino, L.; Stienen, S.; Gallardo, R. A.; Arregi, J. A.; Uhlíř, V.; Lenz, K. u. a.

Higher order ferromagnetic resonances in out-of-plane saturated magnetic multilayers

Physical Review B 102(2020), 094434

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Bonitz, M.; Dornheim, T.; Moldabekov, Z. A.; Zhang, S.; Hamann, P.; Kählert, H. u. a.

Ab initio simulation of warm dense matter

Physics of Plasmas 27(2020), 042710

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Nasdala, L.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Burakov, B. E.; Chanmuang N, C.; Škoda, R.

The absence of metamictisation in natural monazite

Scientific Reports 10(2020), 14676

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Trigub, A. L.; Trofimov, N. D.; Tagirov, B. R.; Nickolsky, M. S.; Kvashnina, K. O.

Probing the local atomic structure of In and Cu in sphalerite by XAS spectroscopy enhanced by reverse Monte-Carlo algorithm

Minerals (2020)

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Doctor, A.; Seifert, V.; Ullrich, M.; Hauser, S.; Pietzsch, J.

Three-dimensional cell culture systems in radiopharmaceutical cancer research

Cancers 12(2020), 2765

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