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Aktuelle Publikationen in referierten Zeitschriften

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Chepkasov, I.; Ghorbani Asl, M.; Zakhar, I. P.; Jurgen, H. S.; Krasheninnikov, A.

Alkali metals inside bi-layer graphene and MoS2: insights from first-principles calculations

Nano Energy 75(2020), 104927

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Ponomaryov, O.; Zviagina, L.; Wosnitza, J.; Lampen-Kelley, P.; Benerjee, A.; Yan, J.-Q. u. a.

Nature of Magnetic Excitations in the High-Field Phase of α-RuCl3

Physical Review Letters 125(2020), 037202

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Neuber, C.; Belter, B.; Mamat, C.; Pietzsch, J.

A radiopharmacologist's and radiochemist's view on targeting the Eph/ephrin receptor tyrosine kinase system

ACS Omega 5(2020)27, 16318-16331

Inoue, T.; Kazama, H.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, K.

Essential Role of Heterocyclic Structure of N-Alkylated 2-Pyrrolidone Derivatives for Recycling Uranium from Spent Nuclear Fuels

Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 93(2020)7, 846-853

Queißer, F.; Schützhold, R.; Schreiber, S.; Kratzer, P.

Boltzmann relaxation dynamics of strongly interacting spinless fermions on a lattice

Physical Review B 100(2020)24, 245110

Grinenko, V.; Sarkar, R.; Kihou, K.; Lee, C. H.; Morozov, I.; Aswartham, S. u. a.

Superconductivity with broken time-reversal symmetry inside a superconducting s-wave state

Nature Physics 16(2020), 789-794

Liolios, C.; Shegani, A.; Roupa, I.; Kiritsis, C.; Makarem, A.; Paravatou-Petsotas, M. u. a.

Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of 68Ga labelled monomeric and dimeric quinazoline derivatives of the HBED-CC chelator targeting the epidermal growth factor receptor

Bioorganic Chemistry 100(2020), 103855

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Gerber, E.; Romanchuk, A.; Pidchenko, I.; Amidani, L.; Roßberg, A.; Hennig, C. u. a.

The missing pieces of the PuO2 nanoparticles puzzle

Nanoscale (2020)

Ahmadiniaz, N.; Schubert, C.

Off-shell Ward identities for N-gluon amplitudes

EPL - Europhysics Letters 130(2020), 41001

Vivas, J.; De-Castro, D.; Altstadt, E.; Houska, M.; San-Martin, D.; Capdevila, C.

Design and high temperature behavior of novel heat resistant steels strengthened by high density of stable nanoprecipitates

Materials Science and Engineering A 739(2020), 139799

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