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06. - 07.02.2023
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Special Laser Symposium 2023

CASUS Institute Seminar
Using quantum gravity as a new approach for the accelerated uni­verse expansion

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Salikhov, R.; Ilyakov, I.; Körber, L.; Kakay, A.; Gallardo, R. A.; Ponomaryov, O. u. a.

Coupling of terahertz light with nanometre-wavelength magnon modes via spin–orbit torque

Nature Physics (2023)

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Kumar, V.; Pizzi, F.; Giesecke, A.; Šimkanin, J.; Gundrum, T.; Ratajczak, M. u. a.

The effect of nutation angle on the flow inside a precessing cylinder and its dynamo action

Physics of Fluids 35(2023), 014114

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Banari, A.; Hertel, D.; Schlink, U.; Hampel, U.; Lecrivain, G.

Simulation of particle resuspension by wind in an urban system

Environmental Fluid Mechanics (2023)

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Missana, T.; Alonso, U.; Mayordomo, N.; García-Gutiérrez, M.

Analysis of Cadmium Retention Mechanisms by a Smectite Clay in the Presence of Carbonates

Toxics 11(2023)2, 130

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Lappan, T.; Herting, D.; Ziauddin, M.; Stenzel, J.; Shevchenko, N.; Eckert, S. u. a.

X-ray particle tracking velocimetry in an overflowing foam

Applied Sciences 13(2023)3, 1765

Vít, J.; Repček, D.; Kadlec, C.; Kadlec, F.; Adhlakha, N.; Di Pietro, P. u. a.

Search for nonlinear THz absorption by electromagnons in multiferroic hexaferrites

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 91(2022), 104703

Patil, S.; Linge, A.; Grosser, M.; Lohaus, F.; Gudziol, V.; Kemper, M. u. a.

Development and validation of a 6-gene signature for the prognosis of loco-regional control in patients with HPV-negative locally advanced HNSCC treated by postoperative radio(chemo)therapy

Radiotherapy and Oncology 171(2022), 91-100

Peitzsch, C.; Gorodetska, I.; Klusa, D.; Shi, Q.; Alves, T. C.; Pantel, K. u. a.

Metabolic regulation of prostate cancer heterogeneity and plasticity

Seminars in Cancer Biology 82(2022), 94-119

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Patil, S. G.; Linge, A.; Hiepe, H.; Grosser, M.; Lohaus, F.; Gudziol, V. u. a.

A Novel 2-Metagene Signature to Identify High-Risk HNSCC Patients amongst Those Who Are Clinically at Intermediate Risk and Are Treated with PORT

Cancers 14(2022)12, 3031

Burcher, S.; Chipps, K. A.; Hughes, R. O.; Reingold, C.; Sasstamoinen, A.; Harke, J. T. u. a.

Developing the 32S(p, d)31S*(p) reaction to probe the 30P(p, γ)31S reaction rate in classical novae

Physical Review C 105(2022)4, 045805

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