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Career Lunch Talk #6
Keine Angst vorm Quereinstieg - ein Tanz auf dem akademischen Tellerrand

24. - 29.07.2022
Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems (SCCS) 2022

Die Technologie-Plattform des Verbunds DRESDEN-concept.

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Köhler, L.; Patzschke, M.; Bauters, S.; Vitova, T.; Butorin, S. M.; Kvashnina, K. u. a.

Insights into the Electronic Structure of a U(IV) Amido and U(V) Imido Complex

Chemistry - A European Journal (2022)

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Cui, Z.-F.; Ding, M.; Morgado, J. M.; Raya, K.; Binosi, D.; Chang, L. u. a.

Emergence of pion parton distributions

Physical Review D 105(2022), L091502

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Moldabekov, Z.; Vorberger, J.; Dornheim, T.

Density Functional Theory Perspective on the Non-Linear Response of Correlated Electrons Across Temperature Regimes

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 18(2022)5, 2900-2912

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Boulanger, N.; Kuzenkova, A. S.; Iakunkov, A.; Nordenström, A.; Romanchuk, A. Y.; Trigub, A. L. u. a.

High surface area “3D Graphene Oxide” for enhanced sorption of radionuclides

Advanced Materials Interfaces (2022)

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Nembach, H. T.; Jué, E.; Potzger, K.; Faßbender, J.; Silva, T. J.; Shaw, J. M.

Tuning of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction by He+ion irradiation

Journal of Applied Physics 131(2022)14, 143901

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Jiao, Y.; Ma, F.; Zhang, X.; Heine, T.

A perfect match between borophene and aluminium in the AlB3heterostructure with covalent Al-B bonds, multiple Dirac points and a high Fermi velocity

Chemical Science 13(2022), 1016

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Iglesias-Artola, J. M.; Drobot, B.; Kar, M.; Fritsch, A. W.; Mutschler, H.; Dora Tang, T.-Y. u. a.

Charge-density reduction promotes ribozyme activity in RNA–peptide coacervates via RNA fluidization and magnesium partitioning

Nature Chemistry 14(2022), 407-416

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Daghbouj, N.; Sen, H. S.; Čížek, J.; Lorinčík, J.; Karlík, M.; Callisti, M. u. a.

Characterizing heavy ions-implanted Zr/Nb: structure and mechanical properties

Materials and Design 219(2022), 110732

Feig, M.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Bobnar, M.; Simon, P.; Curfs, C.; Levytskyi, V. u. a.

Composition dependent polymorphism and superconductivity in Y3+x{Rh,Ir}4Ge13-x

Dalton Transactions 51(2022), 4734-4748

Sarma, M.; Grants, I.; Herrmannsdörfer, T.; Gerbeth, G.

Feasibility of using contactless electromagnetic cavitation for steel composite manufacturing

Magnetohydrodynamics 58(2022)1, 47-54

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