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Aktuelle Publikationen in referierten Zeitschriften

Younes, A.; Creff, G.; Beccia, M. R.; Moisy, P.; Roques, J.; Aupiais, J. u. a.

Is hydroxypyridonate 3,4,3‐LI(1,2‐HOPO) a good competitor of fetuin for uranyl metabolism?

Metallomics 11(2019), 496-507

Lopez-Fernandez, M.; Broman, E.; Turner, S.; Wu, X.; Bertilsson, S.; Dopson, M.

Investigation of viable taxa in the deep terrestrial biosphere suggests high rates of nutrient recycling

FEMS Microbiology Ecology 94(2018), fiy121

Lopez-Fernandez, M.; Simone, D.; Wu, X.; Soler, L.; Nilsson, E.; Holmfeldt, K. u. a.

Metatranscriptomes Reveal That All Three Domains of Life Are Active but Are Dominated by Bacteria in the Fennoscandian Crystalline Granitic Continental Deep Biosphere

mBio 9(2018)6, e01792-18

Ni, G.; Canizales, S.; Broman, E.; Simone, D.; Palwai, V. R.; Lundin, D. u. a.

Microbial Community and Metabolic Activity in Thiocyanate Degrading Low Temperature Microbial Fuel Cells

Frontiers in Microbiology 9(2018), 2308

Lopez-Fernandez, M.; Åström, M.; Bertilsson, S.; Dopson, M.

Depth and Dissolved Organic Carbon Shape Microbial Communities in Surface Influenced but Not Ancient Saline Terrestrial Aquifers

Frontiers in Microbiology 9(2018), 2880

Lösch, H.; Hirsch, A.; Holthausen, J.; Peters, L.; Xiao, B.; Neumeier, S. u. a.

A spectroscopic investigation of Eu3+ incorporation in LnPO4 (Ln = Tb, Gd1–xLux, x = 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1) ceramics

Frontiers in Chemistry 7(2019), 94

Gorbunov, D. I.; Ishii, I.; Nomura, T.; Henriques, M. S.; Andreev, A. V.; Uhlarz, M. u. a.

Magnetic phase diagram and crystal-field effects in the kagome-lattice antiferromagnet U3Ru4Al12

Physical Review B 99(2019), 054413

Arjun, U.; Ranjith, K. M.; Koo, B.; Sichelschmidt, J.; Skourski, Y.; Baenitz, M. u. a.

Singlet ground state in the alternating spin-1/2 chain compound NaVOAsO4

Physical Review B 99(2019), 014421

Dias, F. T.; Vieira, V. N.; Oliveira, C. P.; Silva, D. L.; Mesquita, F.; Lima, J. R. u. a.

Gaussian and critical scalings in the magnetoconductivity fluctuations of Y3Ba5Cu8O18 superconductor

International Journal of Modern Physics B 32(2018), 1850360

Opherden, L.; Herrmannsdörfer, T.; Uhlarz, M.; Gorbunov, D. I.; Miyata, A.; Portugall, O. u. a.

Magnetization beyond the Ising limit of Ho2Ti2O7

Physical Review B 99(2019), 085132

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