Publikationsliste FWIN - 2015


188. Structure-Correlated Exchange Anisotropy in Oxidized Co80Ni20 Nanorods
S. Liebana-Vinas, U. Wiedwald, A. Elsukova, J. Perl, B. Zingsem, A. Semisalova, V. Salgueirino, M. Spasova, M. Farle
Chem. Mater. 27, 4015 (2015)

187. Single crystal growth, structural characteristics and magnetic properties of chromium substituted M-type ferrites
L. Shlyk, D. A. Vinnik, D. A. Zherebtsov, Z. Hu, C.-Y. Kuo, C.-F. Chang, H.-J. Lin, L.-Y. Yang, A. S. Semisalova, N. S. Perov, T. Langer, R. Pöttgeng, S. Nemrava, R. Niewa
Solid State Sci. 50, 23 (2015)

186. Lorentz TEM Imaging of Stripe Structures Embedded in a Soft Magnetic Matrix
M. Basith, S. McVitie, T. Strache, M. Fritzsche, A. Mücklich, J. Fassbender, J. McCord
Phys. Rev. Appl. 4, 034012 (2015)

185. Tailoring dynamic magnetic characteristics of Fe60Al40 films through ion irradiation
N. Tahir, R. Bali, R. Gieniusz, S. Mamica, J. Gollwitzer, T. Schneider, K. Lenz, K. Potzger, J. Lindner, M. Krawczyk, J. Fassbender, A. Maziewski
Phys. Rev. B 92, 144429 (2015)

184. Evolution of magnetic domain structure formed by ion-irradiation of B2-Fe0.6Al0.4
N. Tahir, R. Gieniusz, A. Maziewski, R. Bali, K. Potzger, J. Lindner, J. Fassbender
Opt. Express 23, 16575 (2015)

183. Direct Depth- and Lateral- Imaging of Nanoscale Magnets Generated by Ion Impact
F. Röder, G. Hlawacek, S. Wintz, R. Hübner, L. Bischoff, H. Lichte, K. Potzger, J. Lindner, J. Fassbender, R. Bali
Sci Rep 5, 16786 (2015)

182. Spin wave eigenmodes in transversely magnetized thin film ferromagnetic wires
Z. Duan, I. Krivorotov, R. Arias, N. Reckers, S. Stienen, J. Lindner
Phys. Rev. B 92, 104424-1 (2015)

181. Reduction of phase noise in nanowire spin orbit torque oscillators
L. Yang, R. Verba, V. Tiberkevich, T. Schneider, A. Smith, Z. Duan, B. Youngblood, K. Lenz, J. Lindner, A. N. Slavin, I. N. Krivorotov
Sci Rep 5, 16942 (2015)

180. Broken vertex symmetry and finite zero-point entropy in the artificial square ice ground state
S. Gliga, A. Kákay, L. J. Heyderman, R. Hertel, O. G. Heinonen
Phys. Rev. B 92, 060413-1 (2015)

179. Spin-torque-induced dynamics at fine-split frequencies in nano-oscillators with two stacked vortices
V. Sluka, A. Kákay, A. M. Deac, D. E. Bürgler, C. M. Schneider, R. Hertel
Nat. Commun. 6, 6409 (2015)

178. Magnetic Anisotropy in (Cr0.5Mn0.5)2GaC MAX Phase
R. Salikhov, A. S. Semisalova, A. Petruhins, A. S. Ingason, J. Rosen, U. Wiedwald, M. Farle
Materials Research Letters 3, 156 (2015)

177. Effect of deposition conditions and annealing temperature on tunnel magnetoresistance and structure of MgO-based double-barrier magnetic tunnel junctions
W. Feng, C. Fowley, K. Bernert, V. Sluka, E. Kowalska, Y. Aleksandrov, J. Lindner, J. Fassbender, H. Gan, A. Kunz, R. Hübner, J. M. D. Coey, A. M. Deac
IEEE T. Magn. 51, 4400704 (2015)

176. The local environment of cobalt in amorphous, polycrystalline and epitaxial anatase TiO2:Co films produced by cobalt ion implantation
O. Yildirim, S. Cornelius, A. Smekhova, G. Zykov, E. Ganshina, A. Granovsky, R. Hübner, C. Bähtz, K. Potzger
J. Appl. Phys. 117 (2015)

175. Tuning the antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic phase transition in FeRh thin films by means of low-energy/low fluence ion irradiation
A. Heidarian, R. Bali, J. Grenzer, R. A. Wilhelm, R. Heller, O. Yildirim, J. Lindner, K. Potzger
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B 358, 251 (2015)

174. Open volume defects and magnetic phase transition in Fe60Al40 transition metal aluminide
M. O. Liedke, W. Anwand, R. Bali, S. Cornelius, M. Butterling, T. T. Trinh, A. Wagner, S. Salamon, D. Walecki, A. Smekhova, H. Wende, K. Potzger
J. Appl. Phys. 117, 163908 (2015)

173. Micro-focused Brillouin light scattering: imaging spin waves at the nanoscale
T. Sebastian, K. Schultheiss, B. Obry, B. Hillebrands, H. Schultheiss
Frontiers in Physics 3, 35 (2015)

172. Mesoscale magnetism
A. Hoffmann, H. Schultheiss
Curr. Opin. Solid State Mat. Sci. 19, 253 (2015)

171. Structure and Giant Inverse Magnetocaloric Effect of Epitaxial Ni-Co-Mn-Al Films
N. Teichert, D. Kucza, O. Yildirim, E. Yuzuak, I. Dincer, A. Behler, L. Helmich, A. Boehnke, S. Klimova, A. Waske, Y. Elerman, A. Huetten
Phys. Rev. B 91, 184405 (2015)

170. Influence of film thickness and composition on the martensitic transformation in epitaxial Ni–Mn–Sn thin films
N. Teichert, A. Auge, E. Yuzuak, I. Dincer, Y. Elerman, B. Krumme, H. Wende, O. Yildirim, K. Potzger, A. Huetten
Acta Mater. 86, 279 (2015)

169. Above Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Co- and V-Doped TiO2 — Revealing the Different Contributions of Defects and Impurities
A. S. Semisalova, Yu. O. Mikhailovsky, A. Smekhova, A. F. Orlov, N. S. Perov, E. A. Gan’shina, A. Lashkul, E. Lahderanta, K. Potzger, O. Yildirim, B. Aronzon, A. B. Granovsky
J. Supercond. Nov. Magn 28, 805 (2015)

168. Direct measurement of the magnetic anisotropy field in Mn-Ga and Mn-Co-Ga Heusler films
C. Fowley, S. Ouardi, T. Kubota, Y. Oguz, A. Neudert, K. Lenz, V. Sluka, J. Lindner, J. M. Law, S. Mizukami, G. H. Fecher, C. Felser, A. M. Deac
J. Phys. D Appl. Phys. 48, 164006 (2015)