Groupmembers "High-field THz-driven Phenomena" group

THz-field driven Phenomena Group 2015

Dr. Michael Gensch center left (senior scientist & groupleader)

Dr. Sergey Kovalev left (TELBE beamline scientist)

Dr. Bertram Green center right (Postdoc - High-Repetition-Rate DAQ and ONLINE data analysis)

Nilesh Awari right (PhD student - THz driven magnetization dynamics)

Dr. J. Deinert (Post Doc - time-resolved ARPES of THz driven processes in matter)

Min Chen (PhD student - THz based electron bunch diagnostic)

Dr. Zhe Wang (Post Doc - THz driven magnetization dynamics in high magnetic fields)

Semen Germanskyi (PhD student - THz driven dynamics in liquid jets)

Dr. Thales de Oliviera (Post Doc - THz Nearfield Optical Microscopy)

Dr. Igor Ilyakov (Pos Doc - THz emission spectroscopy)

Mohammed Bawatna (PhD student - High-Repetition-Rate DAQ and ONLINE data analysis)