Prof. Dr. Dominik Kraus

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  • General appearances:

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  • X-ray Thomson scattering as diagnostics for demixing in warm dense matter

    Röntgenthomsonstreuung ©Copyright: HZDR / Sahneweiß


    Foto: HZDR / Sahneweiß


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  • Diamond precipitation inside icy giant planets:

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"Diamantregen" nachgebildet - Bild der Wissenschaft

Grafik Diamantregen Neptun

Diamond precipitation in icy giant planets

Foto: Greg Stewart / SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


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Im Neptun regnet es Diamanten - HZDR press release

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  • Shock formation of diamond and lonsdaleite from graphite:

Diamond Meteor

From Bad Astronomy Blog

Foto: Phil Plait


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