Scientific Program


Book of abstracts

Here is the book of abstracts.



Plenary talks

  • Iñaki Juaristi - Understanding reactive and non-reactive gas-surface dynamics from first principles simulations
  • Thomas Michely - From amorphization to free standing blisters: low energy ion beam damage and annealing in supported 2D layers
  • Amine Cassimi - Ion-dimer collisions: a new way of looking at atomic and molecular collisions
  • Jiro Matsuo - Ambient SIMS using swift heavy ions

Progress Reports

  • Jani Kotakoski - Ion-beam-mediated manipulation of 2D materials - from substitution to amorphization
  • Daniel Farias - Inelastic He scattering from graphene on metals
  • Mitsunori Kurahashi - Oxygen chemisorption and scattering studied with a spin-rotational state-selected O2 beam
  • Pedro Grande - New approach for ion stopping in an electron gas
  • Zoran Miskovic - Energy losses and transition radiation produced by the interaction of fast charged particles with graphene
  • Elisabeth Gruber - Ultrafast electronic response of graphene to the strong and localized electric field of a slow highly charged ion-Experimental investigations
  • Rémi Pétuya - Ultrafast electronic response of graphene to the strong and localized electric field of a slow highly charged ion - TD-DFT simulations
  • Thomas Greber - Creating single atom structures beneath single layer sp2 materials with sub keV ion beams
  • Gilles Cartry - H-/D- negative ion surface production on diamond surfaces in hydrogen plasma: application to neutral beam injectors for fusion
  • Tokihiro Ikeda - Active discharging method for stable transmission of keV highly charged ion microbeams through tapered glass capillary
  • Robert Hull - Ion-induced Auger Electron Spectroscopy
  • Alicja Domaracka - Particle interactions with astro-ices
  • Stephané Guillous - Insulating Capillaries as Self-Organized Electrostatic Lenses
  • Barbara Bruckner - Electronic stopping of protons in transition and rare earth metals and in oxides
  • Jörg K. N. Lindner - Ion Beam Modification of Self-Organized Nanostructures
  • Tim Softley - Resonant charge transfer of Hydrogen Rydberg atoms impinging on Cu(100) and Fe thin film surfaces
  • Nikolaus StolterfohtGuiding of charged particle through insulating capillaries: Milestones of experiment and simulations
  • Henning Zettergren - Interactions of energetic ions with fullerene and PAH clusters

IISC-22 Summer School Schedule