Publikationsliste FWIN - 2016


212. Optik einmal anders
H. Schultheiss
Physik Journal 15, 16 (2016)

211. Accumulative Magnetic Switching of Ultrahigh-Density Recording Media by Circularly Polarized Light
Y. K. Takahashi, R. Medapalli, S. Kasai, J. Wang, K. Ishioka, S. H. Wee, O. Hellwig, K. Hono, E. E. Fullerton
Phys. Rev. Appl. 6, 054004-1 (2016)

210. Helicity and field dependent magnetization dynamics of ferromagnetic Co/Pt multilayers
Y. Tsema, G. Kichin, O. Hellwig, V. Mehta, A. V. Kimel, A. Kirilyuk, T. Rasing
Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 072405-1 (2016)

209. Influence of chemical ordering on the thermal conductivity and electronic relaxation in FePt thin films in heat assisted magnetic recording applications
A. Giri, S. Hunwee, S. Jain, O. Hellwig, P. E. Hopkins
Sci Rep, 32077 (2016)

208. Developing Rapid and Advanced Visualisation of Magnetic Structures Using 2-D Pixelated STEM Detectors
M. Nord, M. Krajnak, R. Bali, G. Hlawacek, V. Liersch, J. Fassbender, S. Mcvitie, G. W. Paterson, I. Maclaren, D. Mcgrouther
Microsc. microanal. 22, 530 (2016)

207. Spin torque switching in nanopillars with antiferromagnetic reference layer
M. Arora, C. Fowley, T. Mckinnon, E. Kowalska, V. Sluka, A. M. Deac, B. Heinrich, E. Girt
IEEE Magn. Lett. 8, 3100605 (2016)

206. Curvature-Induced Asymmetric Spin-Wave Dispersion
A. S. Otálora, M. Yan, H. Schultheiss, R. Hertel, A. Kákay
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 227203 (2016)

205. In-situ membrane bending setup for strain-dependent scanning transmission x-ray microscopy investigations
S. Finizio, S. Wintz, E. Kirk, J. Raabe
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87, 123703 (2016)

204. Confined catalytic Janus swimmers in a crowded channel: geometry-driven rectification transients and directional locking
H. Yu, A. Kopach, V. R. Misko, A. A. Vasylenko, D. Makarov, F. Marchesoni, F. Nori, L. Baraban, G. Cuniberti
Small 12, 5882 (2016)

203. Anomalous Hall Effect in Polycrystalline MnxSi1–x (x ≈ 0.5) Films with the Self-Organized Distribution of Crystallites over Their Shapes and Sizes
K. Y. Chernoglazov, S. N. Nikolaev, V. V. Rylkov, A. S. Semisalova, A. V. Zenkevich, V. V. Tugushev, A. L. Vasil’Ev, Y. M. Chesnokov, E. M. Pashaev, Y. A. Matveev, A. B. Granovskii, O. A. Novodvorskii, A. S. Vedeneev, A. S. Bugaev, O. Drachenko, S. Zhou
Jetp Lett. 103, 476 (2016)

202. Topologically stable magnetization states on a spherical shell: curvature stabilized skyrmion
V. P. Kravchuk, U. K. Rößler, O. M. Volkov, D. D. Sheka, J. van den Brink, D. Makarov, H. Fangohr, Y. Gaididei
Phys. Rev. B 8, 144402 (2016)

201. Narrow-band tunable terahertz emission from ferrimagnetic Mn3-xGa thin films
N. Awari, S. Kovalev, C. Fowley, K. Rode, R. A. Gallardo, Y.-C. Lau, D. Betto, N. Thiyagarajah, B. Green, O. Yildrim, J. Lindner, J. Fassbender, J. M. D. Coey, A. M. Deac, M. Gensch
Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 032403 (2016)

200. Magnetic vortex cores as tunable spin wave emitters
S. Wintz, V. Tyberkevych, M. Weigand, J. Raabe, J. Lindner, A. Erbe, A. Slavin, J. Fassbender
Nat. Nanotechnol. 11, 948 (2016)

199. Tunnelling magnetoresistance of the half-metallic compensated ferrimagnet Mn2RuxGa
K. Borisov, D. Betto, Y. C. Lau, C. Fowley, A. Titova, N. Thiyagarajah, G. Atcheson, J. Lindner, A. M. Deac, J. M. D. Coey, P. Stamenov, K. Rode
Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 19240 (2016)

198. Magnetic Suspension Arrays Technology: Controlled Synthesis and Screening in Microfluidic Networks
G. Lin, D. D. Karnaushenko, G. S. Canon Bermudez, O. G. Schmidt, D. Makarov
Small 12, 4553 (2016)

197. Magnetism in curved geometries
R. Streubel, P. Fischer, F. Kronast, V. P. Kravchuk, D. D. Sheka, Y. Gaididei, O. G. Schmidt, D. Makarov
J. Phys. D Appl. Phys. 49, 363001 (2016)

196. Magnetic domain walls as reconfigurable spin-wave nanochannels
K. Wagner, A. Kakay, K. Schultheiss, A. Henschke, T. Sebastian, H. Schultheiss
Nat. Nanotechnol. 11, 432 (2016)

195. Towards the nonlinear acousto-magneto-plasmonics
V. V. Temnov, I. Razdolski, T. Pezeril, D. Makarov, D. Seletskiy, A. Melnikov, K. A. Nelson
J. Opt. 18, 093002 (2016)

194. Entirely flexible on-site conditioned magnetic sensorics
N. Münzenrieder, D. Karnaushenko, L. Petti, G. Cantarella, C. Vogt, L. Büthe, D. D. Karnaushen, O. G. Schmidt, D. Makarov, G. Tröster
Adv. Electron. Mater. 2, 1600188 (2016)

193. Rashba Torque Driven Domain Wall Motion in Magnetic Helices
O. V. Pylypovskyi, D. D. Sheka, V. P. Kravchuk, K. V. Yershov, D. Makarov, Y. Gaididei
Sci Rep 6, 23316 (2016)

192. Shapeable magnetoelectronics
D. Makarov, M. Melzer, D. Karnaushenko, O. G. Schmidt
Appl. Phys. Rev. 3, 011101-1 (2016)

191. Threshold concentration for ion implantation-induced Co nanocluster formation in TiO2:Co thin films
O. Yildirim, S. Cornelius, A. Smekhova, M. Butterling, W. Anwand, A. Wagner, C. Baehtz, R. Böttger, K. Potzger
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B 389-390C, 13 (2016)

190. Parameter-free determination of the exchange constant in thin films using magnonic patterning
M. Langer, K. Wagner, T. Sebastian, R. Hübner, J. Grenzer, Y. Wang, T. Kubota, T. Schneider, S. Stienen, J. Linder, K. Lenz, J. Linder, K. Takanashi, R. Arias, J. Fassender
Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 102402 (2016)

189. Evolution of the interfacial magnetic anisotropy in MgO/CoFeB/Ta/Ru based multilayers as a function of annealing temperature
Y. Aleksandrov, C. Fowley, E. Kowalska, V. Sluka, O. Yildirim, J. Lindner, B. Ocker, J. Fassbender, A. M. Deac
AIP Adv. 6, 065321 (2016)