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Kraus, D.; Bachmann, B.; Barbrel, B.; Falcone, R. W.; Fletcher, L. B.; Frydrych, S. u. a.

Characterizing the Ionization Potential Depression in Dense Carbon Plasmas with High-Precision Spectrally Resolved X-ray Scattering

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 61(2019), 014015

Lee, S.-Y.; Luo, X.; Namasivayam, V.; Geiss, J.; Mirza, S.; Pelletier, J. u. a.

Development of a selective and highly sensitive fluorescence assay for nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase1 (NTPDase1, CD39)

Analyst 143(2018), 5417-5430

Sabri, O.; Meyer, P. M.; Graef, S.; Hesse, S.; Wilke, S.; Becker, G.-A. u. a.

Cognitive correlates of a4b2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in mild Alzheimer’s dementia

Brain 141(2018), 1841

Wang, X.; Baraban, L.; Nguyen, A.; Ge, J.; R. Misko, V.; Tempere, J. u. a.

High-Motility Visible Light-Driven Ag/AgCl Janus Micromotors

Small (2018), 1803613

Sarker, D.; Ding, W.; Franz, R.; Varlamova, O.; Kovats, P.; Zähringer, K. u. a.

Investigations on the effects of heater surface characteristics on the bubble waiting period during nucleate boiling at low subcooling

Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 101(2019), 76-86

Castañeda-Uribe, O. A.; Criollo, C. A.; Winnerl, S.; Helm, M.; Avila, A.

Comparative study of equivalent circuit models for photoconductive antennas

Optics Express 26(2018), 29017-29031

Cubillos Mesias, M.; Troost, E.; Lohaus, F.; Agolli, L.; Rehm, M.; Richter, C. u. a.

Robust optimization is not sufficient to account for anatomical changes in bilateral head and neck intensity-modulated proton therapy

Radiotherapy and Oncology 127(2018), S271-S272

Taasti, V.; Bäumer, C.; Dahlgren, C.; Deisher, A.; Ellerbrock, M.; Free, J. u. a.

Inter-center variability in CT-to-SPR conversion in particle therapy: Survey-based evaluation

Radiotherapy and Oncology 127(2018), S533-S534

Zwanenburg, A.; Leger, S.; Troost, E.; Richter, C.; Löck, S.

Perturbing single images as a surrogate for radiomic feature robustness test-retest experiments

Radiotherapy and Oncology 127(2018), S1151-S1152

David, T.; Hlinová, V.; Kubíček, V.; Bergmann, R.; Striese, F.; Berndt, N. u. a.

Improved Conjugation, 64-Cu Radiolabeling, in Vivo Stability, and Imaging Using Nonprotected Bifunctional Macrocyclic Ligands: Bis(Phosphinate) Cyclam (BPC) Chelators

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 61(2018), 8774-8796

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