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Vorläufig bis zum 17. Juli 2020.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 1 pm – 2 pm
HZDR Research Talks live video presentation
Dr. Sebastian Reinecke: “Methods for more efficiency in water resource reco­very”

Die Technologie-Plattform des Verbunds DRESDEN-concept.

Aktuelle Publikationen in referierten Zeitschriften

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Ahmadiniaz, N.; Cowan, T.; Sauerbrey, R.; Schramm, U.; Schlenvoigt, H.-P.; Schützhold, R.

Heisenberg limit for detecting vacuum birefringence

Physical Review D 101(2020), 116019

Rajbhar, M. K.; Das, P.; Satpati, B.; Möller, W.; Ramgir, N.; Chatterjee, S.

Moisture repelling perovskite nanowires for higher stability in energy applications

Applied Surface Science 527(2020), 146683

Wulf, T.; Heine, T.

Small Crown-Ether Complexes as Molecular Models for Dihydrogen Adsorption in Undercoordinated Extraframework Cations in Zeolites

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124(2020)17, 9409-9415

Höhne, T.; Lucas, D.

A multi-scale approach simulating generic pool boiling

Nuclear Science and Engineering (2020)

Neznakhin, D. S.; Radzivonchik, D. I.; Gorbunov, D.; Andreev, A. V.; Sebek, J.; Lukoyanov, A. V. u. a.

Itinerant metamagnetic transition in the ferromagnet LuCo3 induced by high field: Instability of the 3d-electron subsystem

Physical Review B 101(2020), 224432

Tereshina-Chitrova, E. A.; Korneeva, Y. V.; Ozherelkov, D. Y.; Dolezal, P.; Tereshina, I. S.; Kaminskaya, T. P. u. a.

Enhanced magnetocaloric effect in distilled terbium and emergence of novel properties after severe plastic deformation

Scripta Materialia 187(2020), 340-344

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Balinski, A.; Kelly, N.; Helbig, T.; Meskers, C. E. M.; Reuter, M.

Separation of aluminium and iron from lanthanum - a comparative study of solvent extraction and hydrolysis-precipitation

Minerals 10(2020)6, 556

Grieger, M.; Hensel, T.; Agramunt, J.; Bemmerer, D.; Degering, D.; Dillmann, I. u. a.

Neutron flux and spectrum in the Dresden Felsenkeller underground facility studied by moderated ³He counters

Physical Review D 101(2020)

Huang, T.; Gobeil, S.; Wang, X.; Misko, V.; Nori, F.; Malsche, W. u. a.

Anisotropic exclusion effect between photocatalytic Ag/AgCl Janus particles and passive beads in a dense colloidal matrix

Langmuir 36(2020)25, 7091-7099

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Prochazka, I.; Vlasak, T.; Cizek, J.; Lukac, F.; Liedke, M. O.; Anwand, W. u. a.

Quenched-in Vacancies and Hardening of Fe–Al Intermetallics

Acta Physica Polonica A 137(2020), 255

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