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Couperus Cabadağ, J. P.; Pausch, R.; Schöbel, S.; Bussmann, M.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Corde, S. u. a.

Gas-dynamic density downramp injection in a beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerator

Physical Review Research 3(2021)4

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Hamann, S.; Förster, T.; Gorbunov, D.; König, M.; Uhlarz, M.; Wosnitza, J. u. a.

Fermi-surface reconstruction at the metamagnetic high-field transition in uranium mononitride

Physical Review B 104(2021), 155123

Huittinen, N. M.; Jessat, I.; Réal, F.; Vallet, V.; Starke, S.; Eibl, M. u. a.

Revisiting the complexation of Cm(III) with aqueous phosphates: what can we learn from the complex structures using luminescence spectroscopy and ab initio simulations?

Inorganic Chemistry 60(2021), 10656-10673

Schulze, S.; Rothe, R.; Neuber, C.; Hauser, S.; Ullrich, M.; Pietzsch, J. u. a.

Men who stare at bone: multimodal monitoring of bone healing

Biological Chemistry 402(2021)11, 1397-1413

Salazar Mejia, C.; Devi, P.; Singh, S.; Felser, C.; Wosnitza, J.

Influence of Cr substitution on the reversibility of the magnetocaloric effect in Ni-Cr-Mn-In Heusler alloys

Physical Review Materials 5(2021), 104406

Baenitz, M.; Piva, M. M.; Luther, S.; Sichelschmidt, J.; Ranjith, K. M.; Dawczak-Debicki, H. u. a.

Planar triangular S = 3/2 magnet AgCrSe2: Magnetic frustration, short range correlations, and field-tuned anisotropic cycloidal magnetic order

Physical Review B 104(2021), 134410

Bhattacharyya, A.; Datta, U.; Rahaman, A.; Chakraborty, S.; Aumann, T.; Beceiro-Novo, S. u. a.

Neutron capture cross sections of light neutron-rich nuclei relevant for r-process nucleosynthesis

Physical Review C 104(2021), 045801

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Mitrofanov, A.; Prudnikau, A.; Di Stasio, F.; Weiß, N.; Hübner, R.; Dominic, A. M. u. a.

Near-Infrared-Emitting CdxHg1−xSe-Based Core/Shell Nanoplatelets

Chemistry of Materials 33(2021), 7693-7702

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Chae, S.; Jin Choi, W.; Fotev, I.; Bittrich, E.; Uhlmann, P.; Schubert, M. u. a.

Stretchable Thin Film Mechanical Strain Gated Switches and Logic Gate Functions Based on a Soft Tunneling Barrier

Advanced Materials 33(2021), 2104769

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Moll, H.; Barkleit, A.; Frost, L.; Raff, J.

Curium(III) speciation in the presence of microbial cell wall components

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 227(2021), 112887

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