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Reissig, F.; Mamat, C.

Strained Ammonium Precursors for Radiofluorinations

ChemistryOpen 11(2022), e202200039

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Porz, L.; Scherer, M.; Huhn, D.; Heine, L.-M.; Britten, S.; Rebohle, L. u. a.

Blacklight sintering of ceramics

Materials Horizons 9(2022), 1717-1726

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Bui, M. N.; Rost, S.; Auge, M.; Tu, J.-S.; Zhou, L.; Aguilera, I. u. a.

Low-energy Se ion implantation in MoS₂ monolayers

npj 2D Materials and Applications 6(2022), 42

Philipp, T.; Huittinen, N. M.; Shams Aldin Azzam, S.; Stohr, R.; Stietz, J.; Reich, T. u. a.

Effect of Ca(II) on U(VI) and Np(VI) retention on Ca-bentonite and clay minerals at hyperalkaline conditions – New insights from batch sorption experiments and luminescence spectroscopy

Science of the Total Environment 842(2022), 156837

Guo, M. X.; Cheng, C. K.; Liu, Y. C.; Wu, C. N.; Chen, W. N.; Y. Chen, T. u. a.

Single-crystal epitaxial europium iron garnet films with strain-induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy: Structural, strain, magnetic, and spin transport properties

Physical Review Materials 6(2022), 054412

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Li, J.; Zhang, K.; Pang, C.; Zhao, Y.; Zhou, H.; Chen, H. u. a.

Tunable structural colors in all-dielectric photonic crystals using energetic ion beams

Optics Express 30(2022), 23463-23474

Shi, Y.-L.; Huang, D.; Kentsch, U.; Zhou, S.; Chi-Chung Ling, F.

A high-k Cu-doped ZnO film formed via Ga-ion implantation: The acceptor-donor co-doping approach

Journal of Alloys and Compounds 911(2022), 165057

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Huang, M.; Uhlemann, M.; Eckert, K.; Mutschke, G.

Pulse reverse plating of copper micro-structures in magnetic gradient fields

Magnetochemistry 8(2022)

Wenzel, M.; Ortiz, B. R.; Wilson, S. D.; Dressel, M.; Tsirlin, A. A.; Uykur, E.

Optical study of RbV₃Sb₅: Multiple density-wave gaps and phonon anomalies

Physical Review B 105(2022), 245123

Röhrborn, S.; Jüstel, P.; Galindo, V.; Gundrum, T.; Schindler, F.; Stefani, F. u. a.

Analyzing a modulated electromagnetic m=2 forcing and its capability to synchronize the Large Scale Circulation in a Rayleigh-Bénard cell of aspect ratio Г = 1

Magnetohydrodynamics 58(2022)1/2

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